Fine Art Photographer Andy Schulz

“Combining old traditions with new values to make a brand new statement.”

This statement by Andy Schulz clearly shows how vast a sweep it is to create a synthesis from the past and the present – in the form of a photograph.

German photographer Andy Schulz has certainly set himself unusual goals. For him, the fine art of photography begins by translating his ideas, dreams, inspirations condensing them into one image in a special moment during the shot.

Coincidence often also comes into play. In a planned staging, the ‘decisive moment’ often comes completely out of the blue.

His photographs possess their own powerful imagery, which is very much communicated in the colours and moods and surprises the observer, making them smile. The protagonists take centre stage and tell a story through their poses, facial expressions and configurations.

His photos are staged right down to the very last detail, leaving plenty of room for everyone to be able to indulge in their own fantasies. Irony, humour and double entendre are depicted in the form of accessories but mainly by the protagonists themselves and their arrangement. And this is exactly the reason why his works become “living pictures”. It is important to Schulz that he tells stories. Stories that are firmly rooted in tradition, but which he wants the observer to see with fresh eyes through his new interpretation.

Schulz draws his inspiration from comics, fairy tales, art and literature and life itself.

With his series entitled “Fairy Tales and Fashion, created in 2006, he picks up on the symbolism and deep psychological effects of Grimm’s fairy tales, applying them to our modern-day world. It comes down to the age-old issues that have always concerned humanity: power, money, envy, love and revenge. Here, Schulz’ aim was to transpose the superficially childish themes of a fairy tale onto the present day, making them accessible to adults once again.

His series “Pin-Up girls in Modern Times” references the poses and the genre of pin-up girls, who attracted a wide fan base in America. Many of these pin-up girls achieved iconic status and were very popular, especially in advertising. The depiction happened in a narrative way and was regarded as romantic. Pin-up girls were also featured in patriotic advertising(Nose Art II.world war warcraft). These days, people have a desire for an antithesis, to experience a wholesome perfect world, just like after the Second World War. Simple entertainment, pure pleasure. A wee bit of a talisman synonym.

Pin-up pictures showed the everyday life of a girl next door or a young woman, posing in a certain way. Even if the images were understatedly erotic, this was only alluded to. Schulz transfers the values of the harmless, light-hearted depiction of girls from that time to the present day, a time in which we are inundated with a totally different kind of image. The cult status and the narrative background, even though it is only hinted at, is transferred and interpreted – and thus declared a work of art.


Andy Schulz


Born on 07.10.1968

After graduating with a photography degree from the London College of Communication in 1999, Andy Schulz started to work as a photographer in Munich. He has shown his work in international exhibitions in Venice, London and Munich and has a penchant for contemporary narratives and reinterpretations of fairy tales and literature stories like Mary Poppins or Fix & Foxi, also known as mis en scene photography.

His pictures can be found hanging in limited editions in collections including the Andrea and Michael Langen collection Germany and the Josef Nachmann collection in Munich.

With a hint of irony, charm and wit, his photography shows a link between the glittering and surreal worlds and Andy Schulz’ very own brightly coloured attention-grabbing visual imagery.

His works are divided into several cycles:

Fairy Tales and Fashion, 2006

Superworld and Heroes, 2008 – ongoing

Pin Up Girls in Modern Times, 2015 – ongoing

Street photography in his new Home Scotland Scottish Highlands Nairn, Munich, Oman and Cuba

Andy Schulz’ fairy tales and comic world is his attempt at letting adults forget their everyday lives for a moment and giving them the chance to dream and forget any fears or problems for a „wee“ (little in Scottish) second.

In his street photography of “Postcards”, the Munich photographer shows his personal interpretation of his new hometown and his travel abroad.

His works are available in limited editions.


“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” (Ansel Adams)

“Every man’s work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself.” (Samuel Butler)

“Photography is something you can hear, smell, see and feel.” (Andy Schulz)

“I’m transposing the dazzling 1950s era into the modern day as part of a surreal composition: the pin-up girl as a positive expression of fun, femininity and entertainment.” (Andy Schulz)

“Photography here in Scotland is a kind of meditation and let you slow down process and find my inner happiness.” Andy Schulz 2019

Curriculum Vitae

1968 born in Munich (Germany), lives and works in Nairn, Scottish Highlands (UK)

1997 – 98 London College of Printing (LCP/ London Institute). Certificate in Professional Photographic Practise

since 1991 Start to work in the field of photography (fashion, advertising, editorial, documentary)

since 2003 Andy Schulz became more and more focused on art photography

Exhibitions: [S] = Solo Show, [Cat.] = Catalogue, [G] = Group Show

2018 Cawdor House Nairn (UK), permanent art space


Galerie Shia Bender Kunstraum 49, Photo Weekend Düsseldorf 2016 [G]

2014 Kick off Event crossover-artgallery.com Munich [S]

2013 MuniqueARTSolo Ausstellung Munich [S]

2012 Andy Schulz Fine Art, Carlo Manet, Munich [S]

2011 Superworld and Heroes. Modern Musicians, Langen Collection, Munich

2010 Kelber & Persch, Munich [S]

Selected Views No. 11, Büroloft Kistenfabrik, Bensheim [Cat.]

2009 Tales Photography, Reygers. Galerie für Photographie, Munich [S]

Art Party, curated by Melanie von Wangenheim, Munich [G]

Neue Münchner Fotografie, Galerie der Moderne, Munich [G]

2008 Clicks, Steinkrüger Stingl & Partner, Munich [S]

Fairy tales and fashion, Galerie Litfaßsäule, Munich [S]

Made in Munich, Galerie Plus, curated by Marion Bierling, Munich [S]

2007 Fairy tales and fashion, Dorotheum, Munich [S]

Farben Huber GmbH, Feldkirchen b. M. [S]

2006 Rien ne va plus, Casino Bad Wiessee, Bad Wiessee (DE) [S]

Fairy tales and fashion, Conningsbygallery, London (UK) [S]

Lenbach, Munich [S]

Schulz’ works were shown at the following Art Fair:

2007 Cornice Art Fair Venice, Lipsum Gallery, Venice (IT)